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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tourney Time!

Well we've had a few good club games in this year already. For those of you following the club on face book you know were going to be participating in the SEEDS 3man tournament on the 25th. My team is setting up a practice this weekend to prepare. While I'm busy with team things we may hold off on regular club games until April. If anyone wants to play go on over to our face book page and let me know you want to get some woods games in.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Follow the club on Face Book

The club has a face book group page, check it out!/home.php?sk=group_136935589688948&view=members&__user=196901483

We will be using face book for discussions and as a way to help keep members connected, request to join ASAP.

2012 Events

Stay tuned for up coming games

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Games

The first game on the agenda is the Splatterpark Big Fall Game. Splatterpark has two huge games every year which average about 1,500 players. The theme for this game is Z.E.R.O which stands for Zombie Emergency Response Operation, so you guessed it, its a zombie apacolypse game. Throughout the day the field staff will be leading players to different areas of the field and giving them objectives to complete. The team who completes the most objecives and racks up points wins.

I've personally played the big games 6 or 7 times and its a blast. There's a huge field that more than accommodates all the players, comeplete with forts, a downed air plane, a huge shipping container yard and plenty of woods to sneak around in. At the end of the day there's a massive 700 vs 700 iron man match called the reign of paint and the field gives away an entire truck load of free gear by raffle and tossing things in the crowd after the games over. There's no transportation for this game, but i do encourage die hard club members to make the trip if you've never played a scenario before. Check for details.

Next up is a trip to a local woodsball field on the 8th. It takes place roughly 10 miles away from town, everyone will need to drive or car pool with other club members. I can give directions for anyone who plans to attend. All players will need to provide their own paint for this game, guns are available to rent at the school if needed.

The last planned game for right now is the starship troopers scenario down in minford. I'm working on getting transportation to this game. This field is located inside an old silica mine that has been inspected and played in before. All players attending will need a flash light to attach to their markers. Certain areas of the field are lighted, but its mostly pitch black, it provides a whole new element to the game you can't find many places else.

Players will need to provide their own paint for this game, there may be a small field fee to pay for field insurance.

Send me an email if you are interested in any of these games, have questions, or suggestions for the club.


Players wanting to attend the starship troopers game will need to provide their own transportation. The field fee is $20, you must bring your own paint and there is limited c02 and hpa available but everyone will need to bring air ahead of time.

The field is located between 3960 and 4100 white gravel mcdaniel rd, minford, oh 45653.

Game starts at 9am, plan on being there by at least 8

Monday, August 15, 2011

smart start 2011

Smart start is just around the corner, as some of you know we try to put on a special kind of game on the friday of that week. This year will be a little more intense, I'm putting up a poll to see what of scenario players would like to play, included in the list of games are a couple different kinds of tournaments and some past scenarios I have played that will be adapted for the field.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Games

First game planned for spring will be a session down at ohio paintball in coolville, very cheap to play and the field is great, $40 will get you through all day. there will be no transportation from the school to this game so everyone will need to drive or share rides, has details and directions.

There are a couple games back to back, the cycd scenario is april 16th down in waverly, there will be a van for this game, stay tuned and watch for flyers with game details, there will be a small van fee and game admission for this game, but you can bring your own paint. April 17th is the splatterpark 3 man jam, this is a for fun tournamnet, i encourage you guys to come out and play, my team will be making an appearance for this game. Cost is $55, players will need their own transportation.

May 1st is the splatterpark big spring game, if you've never played a big game heres your chance, you'll never play another game like this. Every big game at splatterpark boasts around 1,500 players and its a blast every time. Cost is $55 just like the jam games. There will be a van for students to attend this game.

May also kicks off the start of tpa cup, tpa holds the best tournament series in ohio, its a little bit of a drive, about 150 miles, so if you're serious about playing competitively i recommend driving up. My team will be playing all the events there this season.

If you have any questions about upcoming games or are interested in team play email me at

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Upcoming Scenario Games

First up is the CYD terrorist game down in Waverly april 16th.

"The terrorist are at it again. A terrorist cell has been found that plans on trying to plant a bomb at the Atomic energy plant. Our job will be to Contain them, Capture there bomb and eliminate the terrorist cell. Come on down for a good game of paintball in the mines. A unique experience for all. Please feel free to contact any others that would enjoy such an adventure."

The game takes place in some old mine shafts, they have been inspected and are 100% safe, the field is insured and tested. The field owner is asking for a $10 donation to help pay the insurance, its bring your own paint and there will be fill stations for extra c02/hpa. Flash lights are recommended, the mines are lit but still dim in areas.

I would like to get as many people down as possible, we will be taking a van from school and are asking for a small gas fee. email me with any questions about the game and let me know if you will need equpiment,

The Splatterpark Big Game is May 1st. Cost to play is roughly $55, this includes entry, paint, 2 air fills and lunch. This is a field paint only field. The big games are huge with turnouts around 1,500+. Its a great experience, I have been there many times. Aside from the game you can shop around at the fields pro shop as well as visit vendors sponsoring the event and get gear at good prices.

As for what the actual scenario is, they have'nt released the info yet, you can check the website out at and get a run down of pricing and see pics of the field.

We will have a van for this game as well, stay tuned for more info.